Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Being a Mother Means…

Experiencing a kind of love you never knew existed.

Talking in the most annoying voices just to see your baby smile.

Seeing a different side of your spouse…and falling in love with the person they have become.

Taking pictures of your baby every time they move.

Having a messy house…and not caring about it.

Running around trying to get things done as quickly as possible during naptime.

Unending laundry.  (Especially cloth diapers)

Not having a sleep schedule.

Finding joy in the happiness your baby brings to others. 

Listening to how other people think you should take care of your baby.  (And sometimes ignoring it)

Staring at this tiny baby, unable to comprehend the blessing that they are.

Praying A LOT!

Being thankful for family.

Thinking your baby is the cutest baby in the entire world.

Not having much of a schedule.

Spending way too much money on baby things,  just because they are cute.

Feeling so proud when strangers tell you how adorable your baby is.

Learning to be completely selfless.


Thank you, sweet Eliana for showing me what it means to be a mommy.  I love you, dear daughter!

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