Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 15


I can’t believe I am already 15 weeks along!  It seemed like the weeks were going by so slow, and then all of the sudden:

Hello week 15!

I have felt so good throughout my entire pregnancy.  A little bit of nausea every so often but not enough to make me sick.  I still don’t “feel” pregnant as much as I think a lot of women do.  I’m just barely starting to show.  I’ve had a few people notice and then I realized, okay, maybe I am growing.  I have to say  my skin seems to be breaking out more, so I guess that is different.    (I’ll take that over morning sickness every day though.) 

Overall, I feel great.  I can’t wait to start feeling the baby move.  Maybe in a few weeks?  And I’m even more excited to find out what we are having!  Week 20 I will have an ultrasound.  My mom and a few friends are guessing that we are having a girl, but I have to say I think they may be wrong.  My husband’s family has 34 years of ALL BOYS!!!  We’ll see….  Either way, we are just so excited and have absolutely no preference one way or another.    

My mom had easy pregnancies and 1 hour labors for my 3 siblings and I.  So, hopefully I will take after her.  Maybe…

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  1. Lucky you! I am happy that you are feeling good and loving pregnancy! Don't worry about not "feeling" pregnant yet, there will be plenty of times where you will feel very pregnant in the future LOL! Remember to take lots of naps, read lots of books, and savor all of the moments that it is just you and the hubby. The time goes by fast and they will forever be different (not bad) but different once that baby comes! Congrats again, I do hope you will be letting us all know what the sex of the baby is going to be! So exciting!