Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Love This Man


Wedding (69) Ephesians 5:25

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her

I love that when I hear this verse, I think of my husband.  He is the most selfless, loving, giving and humble man I know.  He would do anything for me. 

I love knowing that regardless of what life brings, he will love me unconditionally.  Really, really love me more than I feel like I deserve sometimes.  And now that we are expecting a baby girl, it melts my heart already to think about the love that he will (and already does) have for our daughter.  

I love that he wakes up every morning and goes to work so that I can stay home and fulfill my role as a homemaker and soon to be mommy.  He never complains.  Not once. 

He never minds coming home to a wife with messy hair…and no make up.  Not always, but it does happen.  Or when the house isn’t quite as clean as it could be. 

Lastly, he is a Godly man.  He desires to fulfill his role as a Godly husband and father…and I admire him for that.  He is a leader and chooses to put God first in his life. 

How did I get so lucky?

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  1. wow you are so lucky! im a lucky too but my husband is far away from me, he is in the US to work, while im here in the PI.I miss him so much. Hope u can visit my blog, and dont forget click some ad. thanks! nice baby stuff.