Thursday, June 3, 2010

Father’s Day Cards

I love  I always find great deals there and have gotten lots of free samples and even some bigger freebies.  For Christmas last year, I got 50 free photo cards with a discount that I found there.  I didn’t even pay for shipping.  We also got my in-laws a photo calendar for free using a discount code that I found there.  No shipping on that either.  Freebies4mom has definitely saved me some money on some great products!  So, you can imagine my excitement to find a discount code for 3 free Father’s Day cards from Shutterfly.  All I had to pay was $.99 shipping with the code CARDS4DAD!  You can barely buy one card for that price.  My husband and I LOVE pictures.  We love to capture memories of everything that we do.  So these photo cards were just perfect for us!  Here is one that I got for my dad using my favorite photo of us at my wedding.




Sorry the photos aren’t great.  They don’t really show the quality of the cards.  I was SO happy when I got them in the mail today.  The quality is great and I would order these again.  I think the original price is $1.99 a card and it would be worth it to me to pay that to have a personalized card. 

Freebies4mom has great directions on how to order these cards.  Visit here to get this awesome deal.  It expires Thursday, June 10th, so make sure to order before then!  If you haven’t already, check out  You will love it!!!

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