Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh Sunburn…

On Friday my husband entered us at our local radio station to win tickets to a Newsboys concert and we won!  So, we were excited to be going to see one of our favorites on Saturday.  So excited I guess the we forgot sunscreen.  A mistake that will never happen again!  The concert was in a park and we got tickets to an air show as well, so we were there all day…in the sun.  I love the sun but not when it burns me.  Like it does every summer because I am pretty darn white.  I don’t tan, I don’t even think it’s possible for me.  I burn, peel and turn white again.  Oh well…So we sat outside in the lovely at the time sun for 7-8 hrs and here is the result.


Did I mention that I have major raccoon eyes?


The picture definitely doesn’t show how bad it really is, but as you can see the tops of my arms got pretty toasty and the underneath is still that blinding white.  My shoulders got it too and so did my face and the top of my lower legs.  I was wearing leggings so it’s quite humorous to see. 

The good news is, we love the Newsboys so it was worth it.  It really is starting to feel better today after all of the aloe that we have put on ourselves.  (My husband got it pretty bad too.)  We had a lot of fun at the concert and thankfully at the time the sunburn hadn’t really set in yet, so we weren’t feeling it until the next morning. 

We sat really close to the “runway” I guess it’s called,  (I’m not really sure) so we got some great photos.




Lesson learned the hard way…


  1. How fun! I can't remember the last concert I went to! I hope you heal quickly from your sunburns! That sucks. Great pictures it looks like you guys were really close.

  2. Wow! We saw the Newsboys Friday night! But we didn't close to the runway (I think Michael Tait called it their "be stage") because we had all 3 of our kiddos with us, but it was still A LOT of fun! Glad you enjoyed your time despite the sunburn!

  3. Thanks Hannah!

    Pam, were you at Big Ticket? Their concerts are so fun!