Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Every month in my Etsy shop I run a sale.  I like to offer my customers a deal so that you all know how much I appreciate your business! 
This month’s sale is:

Spend $25, get a FREE set of Little Washies of your choice!

Little Washies are selling so well and here is why:
-They make a great baby shower gift
-They make the perfect gift for any new mom or moms that already have children
-They are practical
-They are cute!
-They are affordable
-They come in a set of five – 1 for use, 1 for the diaper bag, 1 for grandma’s house, 1 for the other grandma’s house and of course 1 is in the laundry
- Children LOVE having their own “washie” to clean up with….great for moms that have a hard time when bath time comes around.
- They are good entertainment for babies!  Great for chewing on…(See photo below)  I have also had some moms tell me that their children like to wear them as slippers and also on their arms.  Fun uses I didn’t even think of!  :)  Haha!
All in all, I have had great reviews on the Little Washies.  I am so happy to be able to provide a product that is so useful for moms. 

What do your children like about Little Washies or use them for?  I would love to hear about it and even see some photos!

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